Bed Sore Prevention System

Air Mattress consists of two parts: The mattress & the pump. The pump utilizes a small compressor to remain quiet and energy efficient. The control panel is simple and very user friendly. The mattress relieves pressure by sequentially deflating and inflating air cells on approximately 12 minutes timed intervals. It is widely recognized that constant pressure to a bony prominence is the leading cause of skin breakdown. The continuous movement supplied by the unit lessens the areas of constant pressure & enhances circulation.

Product Specifications:


Mattress:220cm (L)x91cm(W)x7.5cm (H)

 Extension Flaps: 42cm(L)x44cm(W)

Pump: 10cm(L)x21cm(W)x11cm(H)

Weight of product: 

Mattress: 1.5 kg approx.

Pump: 1.2 kg approx.

Weight Capacity: 100 kg.

Operating Power: -220v. 50Hz 0.1A(max.)

Cycle Time: 6 minutes.

Air Output: 70-130 mmHg.


Do not smoke near the pump.

Keep pump away from Heated Surface.

Packing: Each box contains.

1 Pump

1 Mattress

1 hose pipe

1.matress Puncture kit.

1 Product Manual